China Standard Mining Gearbox near me factory

Ever-Power provides custom applications and special versions of gearboxes. Fully automatic gearbox diagnostic systems designed and produced by Ever-Power supervise the main technical parameters of gearboxes and their performance in real-time.

Ever-Power offers inter alia:

gearboxes to drive belt conveyors for underground mining applications (spur, bevel helical, compact planetary, planetary, planetary helical gearboxes)

gearboxes to overload belt conveyors (bevel helical gearboxes)

gearboxes to drive bucket wheels of dredger excavators for open-pit mining

gearboxes for travel mechanism and boom rotation of excavators in open-pit mining industry (planetary-worm gearboxes, cylindrical and planetary gearboxes)

gearboxes for cutting heads of roadheaders

We manufacture a wide range of industrial gearboxes of total weight up to 25t, with gears up to 1,600mm in diameter. Our gearboxes characterize the highest precision classes, they are manufactured in compliance with DIN 3962 and taking into consideration the fatigue resilience of used components according to ISO 6336 standards.

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